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5 Ways to Participate in the Ogallala Indian Summer Rendezvous!

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

For 35 years, the citizens of Ogallala have come together in a tradition to celebrate our heritage with live entertainment, artistic and creative expression, family activities and historical interpretation.  In heart of downtown Ogallala, we gather under Rendezvous Square to celebrate our community's our local heritage before the Nebraska winter sets in.  

So... Are you Ready for the 35th Annual Ogallala Indian Summer Rendezvous? Here are 5 ways to participate in this year's festivities.

1. Build a Float for the Parade

The 2019 OISR Parade

Thursday | September 19, 2019

Our Parade is a traditional event and an opportunity for you to engage with the community to bring an awesome float to Spruce Street! We encourage you to buddy up or get your family, friends, club mates or staff involved in bringing your creative ideas to this event. You can download registration forms here, and please return them to the Chamber on the 16th of September.

2. Join the Annual Chili Cook-Off!

The 2019 Chili Cook-Off


September 19, 2019

Warning: This could get REALLY hot!

The Rendezvous Chili Cook-off is a culinary tradition, and now, you have the opportunity to impress everyone with your version of this delicious stew. To join us for this special event! Please come by the Ogallala/Keith County Chamber of Commerce to pick up a registration form. Forms are also available at Ogallala's and Brule's Adams Bank & Trust, and Ogallala's Pinnacle Bank, Sandhills State Bank in Ogallala and Keystone! We look forward to tasting your creation, and we hope you bring your family, friends and staff for this occasion!

3. Sell Creations in our Harvest Arts Market!

Harvest Arts Market

Friday & Saturday

September 20-21, 2019

Time to Get Creative!

Are you creative? Do you take photographs, make jewelry, carve wood, metal or stone? Is there something else you create that you would like to share with our community? Please register for the Harvest Arts Market and share your gifts with the world. You can download a form here, and we look forward to seeing what you create. Space is limited, so please act fast!!!

4. Be a Bar Tender for the Bloody Mary Contest!

Bloody Mary Contest


September 21, 2019

12 PM

We are inviting amateur and professional bar tenders from everywhere to put their gloves on and serve the best Bloody Mary in Nebraska! This is an opportunity for teamwork as well! So, if you think you are up for this challenge, contact the Chamber, get the registration form, listen to our instructions and put your name in the running!!! If you're not into competing, and you just want to indulge please come and taste what these brave contestants are mixing! Like the Chili Cook-Off, this one could also get hot!

Finally, You Can be a Rendezvous Sponsor!

Rendezvous would not be possible without the support of our community. Every year, we come together to throw this special event, and we are still looking for Businesses and Organizations to join us in sponsorship. To learn more, please download this letter, and contact us if you have any questions. We are also looking for sponsors from across the Front Range, so you don't have to be from Keith County to help us out.

Still Curious? :)

For more Rendezvous Information, and even more ways to get involved, please stay tuned for future announcements to come!!!

Meanwhile, please get social with us on Facebook

Badges are now available, and you can pick one up for $20. This will get you into Rendezvous for the entire festival! Stop by the Chamber office to collect yours now!

We have an Update!

The Digital Rendezvous Program can be found here!!!

For more Rendezvous Information, and even more ways to get involved, please stay tuned for future announcements to come!!!

Meanwhile, please get social with us on Facebook!

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