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Fit 6 Activities into 1 Day at Kites & Castles

Come to Kites and Castles and try these 6 activities throughout the day, or at any time at Lake Mac! Generally held the third Saturday in July, this sand sculpting competition brings sculptors from well beyond Keith County.  The festivities generally include kites, local vendors and kayaks! 

1. Build a Castle! Or... a Lion... Or a Scene from Top Gun... Or the Entire State of Nebraska!

These are just some of the creations that we saw at the 2019 Kites and Castles. Here's a chance to challenge your kids, your coworkers or any of your friends to a castle building duel using Lake Mac's pristine sand and your mind to create just about anything you want. 

2. Go Fly a Kite

If castle-building isn't your thing, or if your team kicked you out for getting too zealous with the daises (see above), you can just go fly a kite! Many people bring kites to show off during this event, and kids can often make kites with volunteers from the community.

3. Kayak Lake Mac

If water's your thing, pull in a kayak, paddle around, and enjoy the competition's creations from the waters of Lake McConaughy. You might even catch a tour of Martin Bay lead by one of our kayaking experts!

4. Go Jump In the Lake

Swimming in Martin Bay is a safe way to enjoy Lake McConaughy's fresh waters. Generally clear and protected from the wind, these waters are inviting and fun for all ages! So, if someone tells you to jump in the lake, shock them and do it. You won't regret it.

5. Catch Your Own Meal!

Fishing is a popular past time throughout the year, but you can also fish before, during or after this annual event! So grab a pole and impress your friends by catching some of these fish in this video.  

6. Camp!

Want to enjoy the event well into the night? Show up early, and grab a camping site near the action! You can end the festive day by roasting marshmallows and enjoying Nebraska's beautiful sunsets.

You can relive this year's Kites and Castles magic here on Facebook.  Meanwhile plan to bring your family and friends to Martin Bay on July 25, 2020 for more fun on Lake Mac's waters.

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