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What to do in Keith County! 

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Download the See and Do Map Here! 

The Lake

Nearly everything about Lake McConaughy is big! Its 30,500 surface acres makes it Nebraska’s largest reservoir with over 100 miles of shore line. At full storage, the lake is 22 miles long, four miles wide, and 142 feet deep at the dam.


The dam is among the largest of its type in the word, and the fish grow to trophy proportions, accounting for several state records.


Even its nickname, “Big Mac” reflects its giant stature. The lake is a mecca for sailboard and board sailing enthusiasts, as well as fishermen and campers. 


The History

Keith County is chalked full of History, back in the day the Oregon Trail, Pony Express, and Texas Trail all met up here in Ogallala.

Learn all about the wild wild west at Boot Hill, Mansion on the Hill, Front Street Museum, Petrified Wood Gallery, and Tri Trails Park! You can also enjoy the walk of fame downtown Ogallala!


Venture out of Ogallala and you will find Ash Hollow State Historical Park and California Hill! 

The Golf

Keith County is home to two first-class golf courses—Bayside Golf Course located at Lake McConaughy and Crandall Creek Golf Club located in Ogallala.

Bayside is a traditional, link-style course with rolling hills and native grasses. The 18-hole course overlooks Lake McConaughy, and features an amazing 10,025 square foot log-cabin-style clubhouse.


Crandall Creek is an 18-hole course with a mature, par 36 front nine and a back nine completed in 1997, making an excellent 72 par course.


The Hunting

Come fall, when campers, anglers, water skiers, and other warm-weather enthusiasts pretty much abandon the lake, Big Mac becomes water fowl hunting territory.


Clear Creek Waterfowl Management Area at the end of the lake attracts substantial numbers of Canadian geese, which can be hunted on the controlled shooting area, as well as much of the rest of the lake.


Winter is an invitation to ice boaters, eagle viewers, skaters and backpackers, adding to the lake’s year round appeal.

The Shopping

Shop Keith County, from gift stores to boutiques to homemade products Keith County offers it!


Download the Ogallala Shopping Guide here!


Or head over to Brule or Paxton for some small town shopping! 

You won't be disappointed when shopping local in Keith County as each store offers its own unique products and experience! 

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